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“I’m (your name) from (your home airport, or city). The Podcasting On A Plane Podcast is presented for entertainment purposes only. Brandon’s comments, and those of his guests, the website’s content, and any of the social media, etc.  are not part of his official responsibility as a Controller or as an FAA employee. The views and opinions you hear on the podcast are his, and those of his guests, and not necessarily that of the FAA. There is no nexus between Podcasting On A Plane and the FAA. 

Also, While He’s a CFI, He’s not acting as your CFI, nor is he your mechanic, your doctor, your shrink, or your spouse. This podcast is presented for entertainment, camaraderie, and fun, but is in no way, shape, or form, professional advice or legal council.

If you’re in need of professional advice, get some from somewhere more appropriate than a podcast, no matter how good this one may be…”


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